A Girl and her Robot…in space.

ctober was the best of times and the worst of times….well, not really but it was a month of note in my world.

I’ll start with the worst first. No Auckland Armageddon for me this year. It wasn’t so bad but I love going to Auckland and I have friends there but it wasn’t going to happen this time. From a vendor point of view, it wasn’t worth it. My stock wasn’t that different from the year before. I would rather be productive than represent last years offerings…but I love doing the show.

But I did have a small presence there…



Funtime comics

I’ve had a story published in the latest Funtime anthology.  This latest offering made it’s debut at the Auckland show.  This is the best of times bit of the post.

12241618_10153667158540330_3695003068823847602_nThe story is an 8 pager called Sophie and Gil. It’s a SF story about a young Starship Captain meeting a Robot.


The Crew

It was almost a year to the day that I first met the NZ Comics people at Auckland Armageddon last year. If you have seen the photos, you know that it was crowded. I decided to break away from my table long enough to go to the New Zealand Comics table and introduce myself and show them my three books. Swimming though the sea of bodies, I finally made it to the table. I met The Editor, Jason and two of the contributors , Mary and Alex (Who has done the cover for the latest issue.) I was impressed with the production quality of the new edition of Funtime comics. I almost fell over when they told me that they were based in Christchurch.  So now, Once a month I go to the Funtime comics workshop and “Work” on new things. It was a nice development in my life.

Funtime comics 28 is available at: funtimecomics.nz






sample3 sample2 sample1





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